You Can Freeze your Auto-Pay or Cancel. Review the benefits below and make a selection.

Please note all account changes must take place PRIOR (BEFORE) the 10th of the Month.

If you submit a selection Between the 11th and 15th of the month it will take effect the following month.

Re-activation Fee
It is Free to cancel your membership - There is a $25 Re-activation Fee Should you join our auto pay program again
Need a break? You can alway put your account on a Freeze and keep your current price. You can freeze your account indefinitely. Plus take advantage of other cool options all while avoiding a Re-instatement Fee
$25 Re-activation Fee to Join the Auto-Pay Program
You will NOT get any benefits below:
Keep your current Rate
Tan anytime without unfreezing your membership
Get 50% off single session prices while on freeze
Avoid Re-activation Fee's
Cancel My Membership

Questions? We're always here to help, call us at 734-422-9826, select option 9